Victoria and David Beckham are NOT trying for another baby

Victoria Beckham & Her Boys Depart Los Angeles!

Well, they do have three boys already!

Although David has been quite open about wanting a daughter, it seems Posh is quite happy with just the three boys for now.

During a fashion event in LA, Posh said, “Oh God! Look, I’ve got three kids at the moment. The boys are amazing, gorgeous, but three kids is a lot.”

But only last year she was quoted, “I am getting to bed with David Beckham every night so I am trying, obviously I am trying!”

And then David admitted a few months ago, “I really want more kids and I hope it happens soon. I want a little girl. That would be amazing.”

So we’re confused! Baby? No baby? Is she trying to throw us off the scent?! Hmm. Only time shall tell.