Alexandra Burke and Danny Cipriani?

41693, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Thursday 17 June 2010. Rugby star Danny Cipriani attends the pre-Wimbledon party at Kensington Roof Gardens in London. Photograph:

According to reports Alexandra and Danny were spotted having a cheeky snog while at China Whites last night.

Despite the fact that Danny only broke up from Kelly a short time ago the rugby star has already been associated with a whole host of ladies (including Lindsay Lohan at one point) and now it seems as though Danny has gone and got his grubby mitts on Alexandra Burke as well.

A source said: “Alexandra and Danny were all over each other. They couldn’t get enough of each other, kissing each other’s necks and flirting like love-struck teens!”

Still we don’t know how seriously Alexandra took her little frisson with Danny because later that same evening the X Factor star was spotted being accompanied home hand-in-hand with two different men!