Amy Winehouse delays recording new album to take up golf

42662, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Friday 16th July 2010. British singer Amy Winehouse goes for a drink with her 'gang' in a Camden bar. As Amy left the bar, she walked with a young female friend holding onto a giant paper tulip. Later in the evening Amy appeared to have a heart to heart with a fellow woman in the smoking area of the bar. Photograph:  Ben Dome,

Amy Winehouse has taken a fancy to golf so much so that she is holding up her next album so she can spend more time on the green.

Playing the sport seems to be working a treat for the Rehab singer who is finally back on the mend after giving up drugs and alcohol.

She has only just tried out Tiger Woods’ favourite sport but friends say she ‘loves’ it.

A source told The Sun: ‘She played nine holes and loved it, she had a natural swing. Amy wants to learn how to play properly.’

Perhaps it was her new fella Reg Traviss, who has allegedly been cheating on her, who got her into the sport but at least it’s keeping her distracted from other things in life…