Angelina Jolie loves speaking Russian

38683, VENICE, ITALY - Wednesday March 17, 2010. Angelina Jolie is all smiles while riding down the Venice canal in a water taxi, filming scenes for her upcoming film The Tourist . The dramatic thriller co-stars Johnny Depp and will be released sometime next year. Photograph:

In her new film Salt, the actress plays a Russian spy. Apparently she rather enjoyed speaking the language!

Angelina Jolie learnt Russian for her new film role, and not only loved the challange of pronounciating all her words but found it all “very sensual”.

“I love speaking Russian. It’s very, very hard. I find it a very interesting sound because it can be so hard and strong and also very sensual and very beautiful,” she said.

“It’s a very interesting-sounding language. It took me a long time. I just had to practice over and over and over and I was told that I was getting it wrong a bunch of times and I had to keep practising.”

She also spoke of the help she received whilst on set: “They’d do it with me, spend time with me and then they’d put it on tape. So I would take it home and I would just keep trying to get it exactly right and then trying not to get so stuck on a line.

“It was interesting to see how seductive that language could become when we were doing it… that some sounds can really hinder that or some accents have a very specific feeling to them.”

The film arrives at our cinema’s on the 20 July.