Are Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen more alike than we think?

42026, VENTURA, CALIFORNIA - Sunday June 27, 2010. Taylor Momsen and her band 'The Pretty Reckless' perform at Warped Tour 2010 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura. The teen star was dressed provocatively and lit up a cigarette on stage. Photograph: Nate Jones, PacificCoastNews.comWhile Taylor Momsen is desperate for people to stop comparing her to Miley Cyrus, Miley is trying to get us to look at her as being a bit more like Taylor.

Miley, 17, and Taylor, 16, both found fame at an early age, in fact both even auditioned for the role of Hannah Montana which made Miley famous, and both are now having a go at forming a proper, grown-up music career.

Things changed slightly as the pair got older. While Miley was continuing to be a Disney star acting and performing as Hannah Montana AND making kid-friendly music under her real name, Taylor was taking on an edgy, grown-up role in Gossip Girl.

Now, both are embarking on grown-up music careers (Miley as a solo artist and Taylor in The Pretty Reckless), trying to make names for themselves and trying to appear more grown-up.

Both wear raunchy on-stage outfits (they both love performing in underwear), and Taylor even smoked a cigarette on stage – the bloody rebel. Having said that, Miley probably won the controversial on-stage antics award by faking lesbian kisses and accidentally flashing her private parts.

We’d say both were pretty similar, OK their music may not be similar, but the pair seem to have pretty similar goals and they seem to be heading down the same path – but don’t tell Taylor we said that.20 June 2010 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Miley Cyrus. 21st Annual MuchMusic Video Awards held at MuchMusic HQ. Photo Credit: Brent Perniac/AdMedia

‘I don’t even know Miley Cyrus. There’s just no comparison between us, you know. I’m a rocker, she’s a pop star.’ Taylor said.

‘We’re entirely different things and there’s a big difference between us. I have nothing against her, I don’t even know her. I just don’t listen to her stuff. I don’t give a sh*t.’

‘It’s ridiculous that Disney is as relevant as it is today even with adults. Where is the real music? What happened to Zeppelin, and people who play their own instruments? There’s always going to be pop but it’s not real music, it’s not me,’ she told 411mania.

She recently clarified that she is ‘not looking to be Miley f*cking Cyrus’ and expressed how pathetic she finds ‘Disney bubblegum shit’.

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