How Katy Perry tamed Russell Brand

Photo by: KGC49/ 2010  6/25/10 Katy Perry and Russell Brand out and about. (London, England)  Photo via Newscom

Katy Perry reveals how she brought bad boy Brand to heel…

Katy tells how she knew exactly what she was doing when she refused to go home with him. “Can you imagine the horrible feeling he had when he was used to getting everything he wanted?” she asks.

Now the singer, at No 1 with California Gurls, is set to marry her reformed bad boy in October, a year after she first attracted his attention… by lobbing a plastic bottle at him.

It was at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York last year. She recalls: “I was probably 25, 30 feet away from him. And I threw a bottle straight at him – hit him smack in the head. I was like, ‘You’ve met your match, m*****f****r’.”

They got chatting, went on to a club and the stand-up and film star – famous for bedding up to 80 girls a month – assumed he was on to his usual sure thing.

But Katy was having none of it! She sent him home alone and insisted he take her on a formal dinner date the next night instead.

It’s no surprise really as headstrong Katy says she’s always been able to get what she wants, despite having a strict religious upbringing in America. Her parents are devout evangelical Christians. “I grew up listening only to Christian music. MTV was blocked on the television,” says Katy.

“When I went roller-skating, I would go on Christian night, on a Tuesday. It was just a part of growing up.Parents are strict because they don’t want you to turn into Charles Manson. I was always very manipulative as a kid – I got my way. Which has helped me my whole life.”

Katy seems to have found her soulmate in Get Him To The Greek star Russell. She describes him as her “partner in crime” and says she’s freaked out by how similar they are.

“We’re both larger than life,” said Katy. “I think we are kind of cartoony.”

The pair are now busy planning their wedding after Russell got down on one knee in Jaipur, India, on New Year’s Eve. Reports that it was a lavish proposal are true, confirmed Katy, giving the full details for the first time. He laid on roses, an elephant, fireworks and a massive sparkler before the singer said yes.

She said: “Russell had a little turban on and we got into a horse and carriage which took us to this tent made out of tens of thousands of roses. “Inside there was a stage show featuring dancers. Just before midnight an elephant turned up. A painted elephant. We rode to another part of the hotel and watched the fireworks.”

But it didn’t all go to plan. Katy went on: “The elephant freaked out – he thought it was the apocalypse. So I was freaking out too.”

When the elephant and Katy had calmed down, Russell took her to a flower-strewn spot by a waterfall where he popped the question.

“There were orange and fuchsia flowers, a balcony and love seat,” she said. “There was a bunch of flowers on a table. The ring was underneath them.”

Aww, how romantic.