Is Robert Pattinson texting Kristen Stewart on his iPhone 4?

Water for Elephants cast members roam around the set of the film on July 16, 2010 dressed in period costumes including a racy, sating number on Reese Withersoon as they filmed in Los Angeles, CA. While not texting on his new iPhone Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson courteously held the door for his Oscar winning cast-mate Christoph Waltz despite having a hand injury as they left the set on the last day all together as a team!   Fame Pictures, IncReports are claiming that Robert Pattinson is using his swanky new iPhone 4 to keep in contact with Kristen Stewart.

The unverified report, posted on Sassyquarla, claims that Rob was using the phone to text Kristen while on the set of Water For Elephants.

This might not be true, and to be honest we can’t tell if that is definitely an iPhone 4 or one of the previous models, but if it is he’s certainly holding it wrong.

We think Rob and Kristen would be a great advertisement for the phone – imagine them using FaceTime!

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