Jedward: Simon Cowell is a fan deep down

42080, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Tuesday June 29, 2010. John and Edward Grimes, former contestants on The X Factor , wear identical outfits as they pose in front of the Mayfair hotel in London. Photograph:  Jesal Parshotam, PacificCoastNews.comJohn and Edward Grimes reckon that Simon Cowell is a fan of theirs really.

In an interview with, Edward explained: “He invites us to loads of things, and deep down he’s a huge massive fan, but he can’t come out publicly and say that.”

Speaking about the  X Factor, Edward said: “Me and John didn’t zone into the whole X Factor thing, we detached from that and we do everything for ourselves now … everyone else [other 2009 contestants] are kind of relying on the X Factor, but we’re just thinking about our fans and proving ourselves to people.”

The best bit of the interview had to be when the pair were asked what they thought of Steve Brookstein (who won the first X Factor, remember?) mocking Edward over his fall at T4 On The Beach, to which John replied: “Who’s Steve Brookstein?”

“I don’t think that’s very nice… I think that whoever said that is not that nice, if it happened to them they’d probably be dead or something, because they normally just stand there and sing and be boring .” he continued.