Joel Madden didn’t cheat on Nicole Richie

Photo by: W6005Y/AAD/ 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 3/7/10 Nicole Richie and Joel Madden at the 82nd Academy Awards (Oscars). (Los Angeles, CA)Rumours were doing the rounds that Joel Madden had cheated on Nicole Richie at a party – however the source is claiming that he never said that.

The DJ from the Rock Bar and Grill where Joel was partying told E! Online: ‘There was nothing shady at all about Joel’s behaviour here. Star [magazine] completely made up those quotes.’

‘Joel was actually talking about his wife and kids the whole time. He even mentioned he was getting married. He was just trying to make sure everyone was having a good time and ordering the drinks.’

‘He wasn’t even drinking himself. He was taking pictures with fans. There was nothing crazy or out of the ordinary.’