Leonardo DiCaprio ditches shirt for Rolling Stone

TOKYO - JULY 21: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio attends the 'Inception' press conference at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo on July 21, 2010 in Tokyo, Japan. The film will open in Japan on July 23. (Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images)Leonardo DiCaprio has ditched his shirt for the cover of Rolling Stone.

The 35-year-old actor looked absolutely gorgeous in the photos and gave a very interesting interview.

Leo spoke about fame, back in the day when the paparazzi weren’t everywhere.

‘I got to be wild and nuts, and I didn’t suffer as much as people do now, where they have to play it so safe that they ruin their credibility,’

‘It was also about avoiding the tornado of chaos, of potential downfall … . My two main competitors in the beginning, the blond-haired kids I went to audition with, one hung himself and the other died of a heroin overdose,’ said Leo.

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