Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana’s life is ‘more drama than it’s worth’

42141, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday July 1, 2010. Miley Cyrus holds onto her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth as the pair goes for breakfast at Patys diner in Toluca Lake. Miley showed off her bikini tan lines in a short, leopard print dress. Photograph:  Matt Symons, PacificCoastNews.comMiley Cyrus wouldn’t want to live a double life like Hannah Montana.

In Miley’s hit TV show, Miley leads a double life as a normal girl and a popstar, but real-world Miley wouldn’t want to  lie to people like on-screen Miley/Hannah does.

‘I think it would be nice maybe for a day.’ Miley,17, told J-14. ‘But after seeing this show, it’s caused so much drama so many times in her life — whether she had to lie to someone that she loves or whatever it is.’

‘I think it’s definitely done some harm and it’s done some good. But I just think it’s more drama than it’s worth.’

‘I think I’d rather just stick with one person. It’s been hard sometimes promoting my record and the Hannah record, and doing a little bit of both. So I think I’m just going to keep it to one person for awhile.’