Miley Cyrus says the internet isn’t fun, it’s dangerous

20 June 2010 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Miley Cyrus. 21st Annual MuchMusic Video Awards held at MuchMusic HQ. Photo Credit: Brent Perniac/AdMediaMiley Cyrus has warned her fans off using the internet.

Her claim comes after a girl of 13 was kidnapped by a 48-year-old man in California, who lured her via a networking site.

Miley, 17, who is a former fan of social networking said: ‘I’m urging kids – don’t go on the internet. It’s not fun – it’s dangerous.’

George Clooney has also spoken out about Facebook, saying: ‘I’d rather have a prostate exam live on TV given by a guy with very cold hands than have a Facebook page,’