Miley Cyrus will celebrate Hannah Montana with gag reels

20 June 2010 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Miley Cyrus. 21st Annual MuchMusic Video Awards held at MuchMusic HQ. Photo Credit: Brent Perniac/AdMediaMiley Cyrus thinks the Hannah Montana cast and crew will celebrate the end of the series by watching the gag feels at the wrap party.

17-year-old Miley loves watching the little mistakes they made while filming.

In an interview with J-14, Miley said: ‘I’m really excited for the wrap party. I think we’re all just going to go watch some of the gag reels, which is my favorite part of the wrap party.’

‘I love seeing the things that are flubs or whatever we said in between takes when we didn’t know cameras were rolling. That’s my favorite part. I always ask for a DVD of those because it is so funny.’

‘Emily and I will just be chit chatting and they’ll be like, “We called action already.” We’re like, “What were we even talking about? ” Our heads were not even in the game at all. So I think that’s my favorite part.’