Psychic claims Jade Goody is haunting Big Brother House

LONDON - SEPTEMBER 9:  Ex-Big Brother contestant Jade Goody attends the TV Quick Awards held at The Dorchester, Park Lane, September 9, 2002 in London, United Kingdom. The TV guide's awards are a yearly event acknowledging the most popular TV programs and stars, voted for entirely by the public.  (Photo by John Li/Getty Images)A psychic has claimed that Jade Goody is haunting the Big Brother 11 house, and is to blame for the eerie goings on.

The Daily Star have reported that celebrity medium Sara Etienne, 50, believes the BB3 star has returned to have some fun at the producers’ expense.

She has even volunteered to go on to the studio set to exorcise Jade’s spirit from the show. How thoughtful.

Yesterday the paper reported that the programme’s bosses believe they are victims of a curse following a sequence of spooky events.

Apparently Jade, who passed away last year, is trying to show the contestants that fame is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Sara told The Daily Star: ‘I think Jade is there not to cause trouble but to help people’

‘It’s very nurturing, almost motherly. I think Jade realises fame is not all it’s cracked up to be and wants to warn others.’

‘That’s why things are going wrong.’

What do you think of Sara’s claims?