Victoria Beckham in 48 hour bender

Photo by: JJCH1/Xposure/  2010  7/1/10 Victoria Beckham at the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Range Rover sport utility vehicle. (London, England)  Photo via Newscom

Posh certainly knows how to party! She’s just completed a 48 hour drinking session for her 11th wedding anniversary.

Celebrating her 11 years married to David, she drank and partied with close friends and family. Most of us get to rest the next day, but Victoria had to board a plane! So the hangover lady was slumped in a lift at Nice airport, after reportedly being sick 9 minutes previous.

A source reveals, “David and Victoria threw a huge party at their home in the South of France to celebrate their anniversary.

“As well as a few close friends, including interior designer Kelly Hoppen, they invited both sets of parents.

“It was a lavish yet intimate affair and everyone had a ball.

“A lot of champagne was consumed – most of it by Victoria. And there was a lot of giggling going on. Victoria and Kelly were laughing the entire time. It was that kind of evening.

“In fact it was so good, David and Victoria decided to keep going the following day – and night. When she woke up yesterday Victoria quickly realised she’d overdone it.

“David was stroking her hair, being a real sweetie as he tried to persuade her not to fly back to England. But she had work commitments which she refused to shy away from. She said she’d get on that plane if it killed her.”

Needless to say Posh got on the plane and spent 5 hours in meetings back-to-back! Good for you Vic…. hic.