Victoria Beckham is going grey

Photo by: JJCH1/Xposure/  2010  7/1/10 Victoria Beckham at the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Range Rover sport utility vehicle. (London, England)  Photo via Newscom

Victoria Beckham freaked out when she noticed grey hairs in her immaculately groomed barnet.

The slinky fashionista found a stack of white hairs so pulled out her tweezers and got rid of the offending strands immediately.

A family friend told us: “Vic started crying when she saw her first white hair and thought, ‘This is it. I’m not a young woman any more’.

“She’s freaking out that she and David are seriously getting older.

“It’s given her a real shock. It was something quite momentous for her.”

We’re told the former Spice Girl, 36, hasn’t started colouring her hair. She thinks her snazzy hair extensions will cover most of the grey culprits. The friend said: “Vic became obsessed with her age when she turned 36 three months ago.

“She hates the gym and is turning to other disciplines. She’s learning from her other A-list friends about the value of yoga.”