Zac Efron talks about the public turning paparazzi

Zac Efron arrives at his hotel only to find loads of female fans wanting autographs, hugs and pictures in NYC, NY on July 26, 2010  Fame Pictures, IncZac Efron is aware that the paparazzi, and even members of the public with cameras, are everywhere – but he’s not going to let it ruin his fun.

Zac, 22, spoke about being aware of the cameras when he is in a public place.

‘I mean, I’ll say that it goes through my mind a lot,’ he said. ‘You just have to know that if you’re in a place that isn’t private property — if you’re in anywhere public — more often than not, there’s going to be someone there.’

‘If you’re even anywhere where there’s people nowadays… people are so integrated with their [mobile phone] cameras. It’s like The Matrix.’

‘It’s not the worst thing in the world,’ Zac said of a shirtless beach photo that appeared online. ‘And you know, aside from that, I had this amazing trip with my brother. He’s just graduated from school, and I haven’t been able to connect with him as much as I’ve wanted to since I’ve been away filming and going on trips…We lived it up, and it was really fun.’

What a refreshing attitude to fame.