Another Busted reunion rumour

LONDON -  JANUARY 14: Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Jay of Busted attend a Press Conference to announce their split at the Soho Hotel on January 14, 2005 in London. (Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)

When we saw an increase in traffic to a certain post, we knew that another Busted reunion rumour must be flying around.

The News Of The World have reported that everyone’s favourite pop rockers have been offered £1 million to reunite, and that the boys have been in talks for the past few weeks.

A source reportedly told them: “James is the only one of them that doesn’t need the tour. He’s got a new solo album and a West End musical in the pipeline while the other two don’t have much going on and have spent the fortune they made with the band.”

James Bourne acknowledged the story, tweeting: “£1 million? yes please”

“tell whoever to bring the money in a duffle bag to the wagamamas in leicester square at 2pm tuesday afternoon sharp. all used bills :-/ (sic)”

So, is it true?

It’s funny, because the last rumour started a matter of days after James told us that the reunion rumours were “bullshit”.

The Sun reported: “[Charlie’s] refused to let his old pals use the original name when they start gigging again later this year.”

“A source said: ‘James was talking about it to pals at Flecking Records. Charlie doesn’t want to come back, but he doesn’t want Matt and James to do it without him either.'”

What do James, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson have planned then? Well James is about to tour with Twenty Twenty, Matt is about to star in Flashdance, and Charlie is… doing whatever Charlie does.

The rumour before that was quashed when, in statement to Rock Sound, Fightstar’s manager said: “There is categorically NO CHANCE that Charlie will, would or otherwise be involved in any Busted reunion. End of story.”

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