Are Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato “friends with benefits”?

Photo by: Quasar/ 2010 4/17/10 Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato at the premiere of Dineynature''s Oceans . (Hollywood, CA) Photo via NewscomA report has suggested that despite breaking up, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are still hooking up.

A source has reportedly told that Demi and Joe, who are currently on tour together, are “friends with benefits”.

“They partied after their first concert and ended up hooking-up back at the hotel.” the source said.

“It’s no secret that she wants him, and Joe finally gave back in for whatever reasons.”

“While on tour, I guess we can say they are doing that whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing, but keeping it low!” the source added.

Do purity rings allow this sort of behaviour?!