Cheryl will be keeping Cole

41400, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - Wednesday June 9 2010. Cheryl Cole touches down at Glasgow Airport in a tiny leopard print dress. The Glamour magazine Woman of the Year is in the Scottish City for the first round of auditions for this year's The X Factor TV show. Photograph:  Chris Clark,

It’s getting a bit confusing, isn’t it? Tweedy or Cole… which name are we meant to use now?

Reports are suggesting that we’ll keep using Cole, as Chezza will be keeping the name as she signs for autographs.

Despite still having the name Tweedy in her passport, her self-titled second album will bear her married name.

A source said: “Cheryl has decided her married name will stay. She feels the most successful period of her career has been under the name Cole.

“She’s established in Europe. Going back to her maiden name Tweedy would be confusing.

“It also shows she is bigger than Ashley and prepared to be grown up about a difficult time in her life. She is a fan of Tina Turner. Tina was divorced during her career but decided to stick with her married name because it was how she was best known.”