Chris Brown refuses to comment on Rihanna’s song

While scores of people have delighted in the Kirby games since the days of Sega Nintendo, few have proclaimed it as extravagantly as Chris Brown, who arrived at his studio in Los Angeles, CA on August 5, 2010 with a Kirby inspired piece of bling only a gamer could love. Fame Pictures, Inc

We’ll never forget, nor forgive Chris Brown for attacking then-girlriend Rihanna. Now Rihanna’s song with Eminem contains lyrics that we can’t help link to the events that took place in 2009.

Her latest musical offering is on Eminem’s new single, Love The Way You Lie and is accompanied by a video which shows Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan in a violent relationship.

And now, according to MTV News, Chris Brown has refused to comment on the video during an interview with E!News.

Apparently, when asked the question, Chris looked to his representative for help and E!News were asked by the stars rep to ask him another question not regarding Rihanna or Love The Way You Lie.