Dakota Fanning was ‘comfortable’ kissing Kristen Stewart

NEW YORK - MARCH 17: (L-R) Musician Joan Jett, actress Kristen Stewart, actress Dakota Fanning and musician Cherie Currie attend the premiere of 'The Runaways' at Landmark Sunshine Cinema on March 17, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

She insists there was nothing awkward about kissing the Twilight actress on set of their new movie The Runways.

The 16-year-old actress locks lips with K-Stew in their new movie The Runaways, in which Dakota plays Cherie Currie and Kristen plays Joan Jett and despite it being her first female kiss, the teenager insists there was nothing awkward about the scene.

She said: “Was it awkward? When you feel comfortable around someone and you have no defences up, that’s when you’re going to be the best. I feel very comfortable with Kristen.”

Both actresses star in the Twilight Saga movies, so are no strangers to working together.

Dakota shot to fame when she was just nine years old and has been desperate to land a role which showed the fact that she’s growing up.  And despite having strict Christian parents and the movie being of a very adult nature she felt that The Runways was the perfect choice.

She explained: “I wanted to do a different kind of movie because I am getting older and my parents had no doubts about the project whatsoever, I think everyone was comfortable because it’s a true story.  My mom was there on set the whole time.

My dad saw it at the Sundance festival and I wasn’t really nervous because I’ve been doing this since I was six, so he’s used to seeing me in different situations.  He says that when he watched it he didn’t even think it was me because I look so different and Cherie is not who I am in real life”.