Frankie is relieved with second chance from Dougie

DOUGLAS, ISLE OF MAN - JUNE 18: Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays performs at the Isle Of Man Bay Festival on June 18, 2010 in Douglas, Isle Of Man. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

If anyone knows the truth of the saying ‘The grass isn’t always greener’ it’s The Saturday’s Frankie Sandford. Frankie recently opened up about what went on behind the scenes earlier this year when she broke up with her boyfriend.

Earlier this year she split from her boyfriend of two years, Dougie Poynter, the bass guitarist and singer from Flecking favourites McFly, after deciding she was too young to settle down.

“I was having a bit of a crisis,” she said. “We’d been living together for nearly two years and it felt too much too young. I thought I wanted to start partying and being like girls my age.”

It was a decision she soon regretted. “It all went horribly wrong. Every day there was a story about me and a new guy in the papers. I’d never had to face that before and I couldn’t bear it.”

Frankie found herself linked to a whole load of ‘boyfriends’ including Cheryl Cole’s love-rat ex Ashley, 29. She shakes her head. “As if! I’ve never even met him. I’d get upset and I’d call Dougie and tell him none of the stories were true. We were still talking and texting all the time. I got more and more cut up about what I’d done.”

Two months after they split the pair had an emotional reunion at London’s Mayfair hotel, when Frankie was pictured crying. She moved back in with Dougie soon after.

You can hear the relief in Frankie’s voice as she says: “I never appreciated what I had until I threw it away. I’ve been lucky enough to have a second chance. I’m still too young to get married but he’s the one I’d like to have kids with some day. He’s kind, funny, loyal, protective. Now I know there’s no one else like him. I’m not losing him again.”