Is Robert Pattinson ruining Zac Efron’s career?

Actor Zac Efron stopped at a local Los Angeles, California gas station to refuel his Audi on August 10, 2010. Zac had what looked to be a script in his hand as he stepped out of his car to complete his pumping action while still reading, what a committed worker. Zac recently was seem at the Hollywood Bowl last weekend where he tipped his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens for her stellar performance on the catwalk in the broadway show RENT where she played Mimi the prostitute. Fame Pictures, IncIs the existence of Robert Pattinson ruining Zac Efron’s career?

Rob Shuter of PopEater has written an article on two of Hollywood’s golden boys, posing the question: “Has Robert Pattinson Derailed Zac Efron’s Career?”

Zac’s latest flick Charlie St. Cloud didn’t do that great at the box office, whereas Rob’s latest film Twilight Eclipse did great.

“Robert is the new King of all the screaming girls at this moment and they have forgotten Zac. You only need to look at this years MTV Movie Awards, when Zac entered the girls were excited but when Robert walked in the place went nuts,” relationship expert Matt Titus told Shuter.

“Twilight has changed everything and Robert Pattison gets it. He says nothing, and acts mysteriously. This is what teenage girls really want right now.”

An unnamed producer also offered his opinion on Zac.

“Hollywood only cares about making money,” the producer said.

“We honestly don’t care if Zac is singing ‘Hello Dolly’ or playing a vampire, as long as he sells tickets. That fact that ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ dropped a whopping 60% in its second week following a very mediocre opening tells me Zac should speak less, smile more and take off as much clothing as possible. Or else he will end up like countless other pinup popcorn actors and actresses that decided that they all of a sudden wanted to be taken seriously when all their fans.”

Who do you prefer, Robert or Zac?