Lady Gaga has just realised how famous she is

09 July 2010 - New York, NY - Lady GaGa. Lady GaGa performs live on NBC's TODAY Show at Rockefeller Center. Photo Credit: Alex Cole/AdMediaLady GaGa has only just realised just how famous she is!

The extent of Gaga’s fame finally sank in when 5,000 fans surrounded a concert venue awaiting her departure.

“About two weeks ago I literally realised what had happened in my life. I almost wish it hadn’t hit me so late,” she told Vanity Fair magazine.

“I wish it had hit me gradually. I don’t remember what city it was but we left the venue and after the show there were 5,000 people standing on stairways and platforms leading to a train station — I couldn’t even see how far back. The car drove out and I said, ‘Stop the car’, and I got out and walked walked out and the scream was so loud, it was a roar. I went over to the fence and signed as many autographs as I could without them pulling me through.”

“More fans than ever had been waiting for me outside after the show — meaning two hours of the most visually intense show, in the heat, standing, jumping and screaming for two hours and then they waited for me for two hours — 5,000 of them. It was insane.”