McFly talk girlfriends & sex in strange places

43176, GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - Saturday July 31 2010. McFly wow the crowds at the In:Demand concert at the SECC in Glasgow.  Photograph:  Fred Lee,

McFly have opened up about their current girlfriends and the places they have got it on in the past.

Asked about their girlfriends by the News Of The World, Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter were happy to talk about it, but drummer Harry Judd wasn’t in a sharing mood.

“I’m still with my girlfriend Georgia Horsley, who was Miss England 2007.” Danny said.

“We’ve been together for nearly a year and we’re living together now. My mates are pretty impressed I’ve bagged myself a beauty queen. I haven’t tried her tiara on though!”

Tom mentioned his actress girlfriend Giovanna, who he has been with for seven years, and Dougie said that he was back with The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford.

Harry said that he was dating someone, but added that he is “private about things like that so my lips are sealed!”

Sticking with the subject of ladies, the band spoke about the strangest place they have got amorous.

“On the back seat of our tour bus.” Harry said, outdone by Danny of course, who said: “In the toilet of a hotel swimming pool. I was too randy to wait until we got back to our hotel room so we sneaked into the toilet and just did it there.”