Pregnant Lily hurt herself badly

43548, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Friday August 13 2010. A pregnant Lily Allen hangs out with DJ pal Nick Grimshaw in Primrose Hill. The singer is reportedly taking a short break from her music career saying she would take one or two years off . Photograph:

Yesterday, when Lily tweeted about falling in the foyer of The Wolseley, we had to stiffle a giggle because there’s nothing funny about a pregnant woman falling over.

Lily had been at a breakfast meeting for her new fashion line and when it came to leaving, she slipped.

“I fell over in the foyer of The Wolsley this morning. Tres embarrassing. hurty wrist,” she Tweeted shortly after the accident.

It must have been more than just a ‘hurty wrist’ because when she got up with morning she complained that her neck hurt and after a trip to the doctors she wrote:

“It’s whiplash from my fall yesterday! Oh deary me.”