The UK needs Adam Lambert!

HOLLYWOOD - MAY 13: Adam Lambert attends Paper Magazine's 13th Annual Beautiful People Issue event at The Standard Hollywood on May 13, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)Something shocking has been brought to our attention – not that many people in the UK seem to know who the hell Adam Lambert is.

Yesterday we published a story about Adam and his “TongueDiving” antics and we were amazed to see just how many people had clicked to read the story with no idea who Adam was.

Adam Lambert is an amazing singer and a true showman and we want to make sure he gets the recognition he deserves in the UK.

In May 2009 Adam was named runner up of American Idol and since then he hasn’t looked back.

He released his debut album, For Your Entertainment, in November 2009. The album debuted at number three in the Billboard 200 in December 2009 – selling 198,000 copies in the United States in the first week.

It’s not often you find an artist who can deliver both amazing live vocals and a show to match, but with his creative on-stage antics and awesome costumes Adam is one of those rare individuals.

Adam came under fire for his performance at the American Music Awards last November. During the risqué routine Adam walked men in bondage gear on dog leads and kissed his bassist. Adam also, what was widely described in the press as, “simulated oral sex” with a male dancer.

After the performance, his first since American Idol, Lambert said: “I’m hoping people were entertained. For those who weren’t, maybe I’m not your cup of tea.”

Well you’re certainly our cup of tea Adam, and we’re not alone.

We were touched by the comments we read from Adam’s fans, and we’re glad that we have somehow enabled others to get into his music too.

Below are our favourite comments about why Adam isn’t getting the recognition he deserves in the UK.

For more info, click here to visit Adam’s official website.

“I’m already a long-established fan of Adam’s but it seems most people here have never heard of him, they were attracted by the title about snogging, and discovered an unexpected treat – an exceptional talent and a very attractive man. Go Adam! And shame on the UK for lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to this guy. He’s huge everywhere else on the planet except the UK!” – KP.

“My conclusion as to why we have never heard of him here, when the rest of Europe and the world have is:
1: The PR people for his record company in the UK are a bunch of inept imbeciles who can’t tell the difference between a genuine talented artist and wannabes like JLS, Jedward etc. get your act together and give him some genuine PR not gossip mag crap.
2: Our national radio stations are a bunch of tone deaf morons who wouldn’t know good music if it punched them in the face (I’m certainly looking to defect from Radio 1)” – Chris.

“I’m on a forum where one UK fan emailed Radio 1 to ask why Adam wasn’t getting airplay, and in the answer there was lots of bla bla about having to support UK artists. I believe Diana Vickers was mentioned? I . . . don’t know who that is (I’m not from the UK, but not the US either).” – Medea.

“Sounds like some of the PR people at Sony UK need their P45s or at least an arsekicking. I feel sorry for Adam Lambert and his existing UK fans what a big cock up. I’d never heard him before but surely the guy’s talent is enough to sell him with the right support from Sony. It seems the rest of the world don’t seem to have this problem which screams our poor marketing. One of the contestants from The Apprentice could have done a better job.” –  Johnnyboy,

” It’s an absolute travesty that he isn’t getting the recognition he deserves in the UK – he is enjoying phenomenal success around the rest of the world. It’s unacceptable that the BBC have so much power over who does and doesn’t get played on the radio….. as a license payer, I want to be able to choose what I listen to….. and Adam Lambert is my choice.” – Mandylou68.

“Someone just sent me this link – WTF was that note after the second kiss??? He was on American Idol? They don’t sing like this on X Factor.” – Jenn.

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