Adam Lambert talks coming out of the closet

07 July, 2010 - Nashville, TN - Adam Lambert performs for a sold-out crowd at the Ryman Auditorium. Photo Credit: Randi Radcliff/AdMedia

Adam Lambert has spoken about coming out as gay – in his personal life, and to the media.

Adam was interviewed by RazorTV while in Singapore to perform at the F1 Grand Prix and said: “I was always out, that’s the thing that’s so funny to me.”

“I came out of the closet at 18, as soon as I was done with high school, and I lived my life openly and proudly.”

“When I joined American Idol, in all the interviews it never came up, no one ever said “What’s your ideal girl?” – I was never given the opportunity to say “Oh yeah, I’m gay!””

“It wasn’t something that I hid or something that was a secret, everybody on set and all the other contestants knew. I thought when this becomes about me personal life, I’ll address it. For right now the only thing we’re talking about is what kind of music I like and what makes me tick as an entertainer.”

“Over the course of the competition when more people were interesting in my personal life and who I was I think there was a lot of speculation and at that point. What happens is the contestants are not allowed to talk to the press once the show starts, so I wasn’t given the opportunity to confirm or deny.”

“So as soon as the show ended I took the opportunity to go on Rolling Stone and talk about it there because I definitely wanted to be open and honest about it as soon as I was given the opportunity to.”