Ian Watkins and Jeffree Star joke about sex tape

2 September 2010 - West Hollywood, CA - Jeffree Star. TWO WORLDS OF ART collide at the Debut of kat von d s Wonderland gallery held Wonderland gallery. Photo Credit: Faye Sadou/AdMedia

It’s nice to see that Lostprophets front-man Ian Watkins still has a sense of humour after news hit the net of an alleged sex tape.

Perez Hilton posted the photo – of what looks like Ian doing something rather rude with a fella – to his “unrated” website, along with the following:

“The image apparently comes from a yet-to-be-released sex tape that also features him with a lady, but we think this is faaar more interesting!”

Ian hasn’t actually confirmed that it is him in the photo, but he did crack a joke about it on Twitter in a conversation with Jeffree Star.

Jeffree tweeted Ian saying: “why wasnt I invited to the sex tape?”

Ian replied with: “Well i did ask, but your people told my people that you wouldn’t be able to fit me in….”