Penn Badgley sticks up for Taylor Momsen

The cast of Gossip Girl gets back to filming in NYC, NY on September 2, 2010 where true to form Little J Taylor Momsen appeared in and out of costume trading scantily clad on set clothes for scantily clad street clothes while the rest of the cast opted for more stylish and conservative attire. Fame Pictures, Inc

Penn Badgley has defended the behaviour of his Gossip Girl co-star Taylor Momsen.

Taylor, 17, is getting a bit of a reputation for saying outrageous things (like joking that she f*cked a priest), slagging off fellow celebs (Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus) and setting fire to things (like her dog’s testicles – after they were removed, obviously) but her on-screen brother Penn insists she is just behaving like a typical teenager.

“First of all, it’s not true [that Taylor doesn’t hang out with the rest of the cast],” the 23-year-old told

“[My girlfriend Blake Lively] and I saw her the night she did Letterman, and we hung out with her in her hotel room. It was a very calm night – she wasn’t crazy partying or anything like that.”

“Taylor’s a teenager, and teenagers go through what they’re going to go through,” he added.

“It just so happens that she’s in the eye of the press, and I think that’s unfortunate, because everyone should be allowed to make their mistakes. I think it’s like, she’s 17. Give her time. She’s a really sweet girl, very smart, very talented. She’s just growing up.”