Ian Watkins leaked photo was doctored

READING, ENGLAND - AUGUST 27: Ian Watkins of Lost Prophets performs live on the Main stage during day one of Reading Festival on August 27, 2010 in Reading, England. (Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images)

In August a photo hit the net of what appeared to be Lostprophets front-man Ian Watkins engaging in a sexual act with a man.

Well the truth has finally emerged, via iwatkins.com. We received a statement which said the following:

“On Friday 24th the scandalous photograph was revealed to be a fake. The authentic photograph, taken from a home movie that Ian and his then girlfriend made in May of 2006, depicts Ian and his gal pal engaged in private sexual acts.”

“The hoax began to circulate in early August and is still receiving some attention especially on the Internet.”

Looking at the before and after photographs, which are too rude for us to publish, you can see that the penis in question is a “simulated penis” – that’s a strap-on to you and me.

Poor Ian! It’s bad enough that a private photo leaked, but the fact that it was manipulated just makes it worse.