John Mayer vs Taylor Swift

NEW YORK - JUNE 17: Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift and singer/songwriter John Mayer attend the 41st annual Songwriters Hall of Fame at The New York Marriott Marquis on June 17, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

John Mayer is apparently thinking about getting his own back on Taylor Swift.

In one of Taylor Swift’s new songs, Dear John, she is thought to have a pop at John who she dated last year.

“Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with,” Taylor sings. “Maybe it’s you and your sick need to give love and take it away.”

Now, according to various sources Mayer is gearing up to respond.

“Everyone knows John loves publicity and lives for this type of situation,” an insider told Pop Eater.

“She can bet that right now he is sitting in his apartment thinking of some witty way to respond. Writing a response to Dear John called Dear Taylor would be too obvious, so expect something much bigger than that.”

“Sure Taylor has a right to say whatever she wants but she needs to know she is playing with fire.”