New Spider-Man Andrew Garfield is pals with Robert Pattinson

45801, MADRID, SPAIN - Wednesday October 6, 2010. Actor Andrew Garfield attends the photocall for The Social Network in Madrid.  Photograph:  Max Powell,

Andrew Garfield, who has been cast as the new Spider-Man, has revealed that he is friends with Twilight actor Robert Pattinson.

He also revealed that there is no rivalry between the two.

“I don’t see it that way. Rob’s a friend of mine and I care about him a lot,” he told Shortlist magazine.

“We’re very supportive of each other.”

Andrew, who was born in Epsom, has bagged the role of Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

It was a tough competition – Andrew beat the likes of Jamie Bell and Aaron Johnson to take over from Tobey Maguire.

Andrew is currently starring alongside Justin Timberlake in The Social Network.

Who is hotter – Rob or Andrew?