Video: Adam Lambert smokes on stage

Adam Lambert (L) kisses his guitarist while performing in concert at Le Trabendo in Paris on November 18, 2010.  UPI/David Silpa Photo via Newscom

Adam Lambert has caused controversy yet again, and this time he didn’t have to kiss a bloke to do so (although he did do that too).

It was during his show in Amsterdam that Adam smoked what appeared to be a joint.

Let’s get one thing straight first, in 1976 the Netherlands decriminalised possession of soft drugs such as cannabis*, so even if he did, it’s not the quite same as doing it in the UK or the US.

It was during a performance of Purple Haze that Adam puffed on something, although it was very much a part of the show and some are suggesting that it might be just a prop, and not actually cannabis.

It’s a controversial move for someone considered to be a role model by some and it did shock some fans. Although the thing that shocks us is that some people seem more offended by his man-on-man kissing during the shows than they do his drug use – even if it is just pretend.

From a fan point of view, the smoking is totally upstaged by Adam oozing sex appeal. Particular moments of interest include theĀ specialĀ attention Adam pays his microphone at 4:45 and of course the kiss to top all kissses during Whole Lotta Love at 8:00.

The unconfirmed substance smoking starts around 2:20. Check out the video below & leave us a comment.

Update: At time of writing, Adam is current number one in our Sexiest Male Celeb poll. Click here to vote.