Selena Gomez wants to be like Shakira

MADRID, SPAIN - OCTOBER 18: Singer and actress Selena Gomez presents her new album 'A Year Without Rain' at the ME Hotel on October 18, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Selena Gomez has revealed that she dreams of releasing an album in Spanish.

The Disney actress and singer wants to follow in the footsteps of artists like Shakira, because it will make her family proud.

“I have Shakira’s album and exactly what she did is my dream,” said the 18-year-old.

“I feel like for my family it would make them really proud. But because I have so many other things… I have to perfect it.

“I want my dad to come out and make sure I’m doing it right,” added the star, who admits she doesn’t like dates. “So I want to take time with it, but it’s my dream to put out an entire album in Spanish.”