Blake Lively isn’t a party girl

Blake Lively isn’t a big fan of partying for the heck of it.

The Gossip Girl actress enjoys going out to gigs and work parties, but has never been to a club otherwise.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to a club other than to see a band, or if the Gossip Girl producers are throwing an after-party specifically for us to go to, or the red carpet,” Blake said.

“But I have never gone out, just to go out, because I don’t really find it that fun. I like to go and listen to live music and stuff, so that’s when I’ll go out.”

Blake recently revealed that “It’s taken me time to learn to be bolder and braver. I think my shyness comes from feeling awkward for being tall,”

“I’m still learning so much. I’ve grown up a lot over the past few years and Gossip Girl has made me much more secure.”