Does Taylor Swift have new love interests lined up?

Nov. 22, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Singer Taylor Swift.The 2010 American Music Awards Red Carpet Arrivals Held At Nokia Theatre In Los Angeles, California On November 21, 2010. K66963AM. © Red Carpet Pictures

A report has claimed that Taylor Swift already has new fellas in mind after being ditched by Jake Gyllenhaal.

A recent report has claimed that when Jake dumped Taylor over the phone just before New Year’s – ending their whirlwind two-month romance – Swift was completely blind-sided.

“It was a 180-degree turn and so out of the blue,” a source told the site of Jake’s decision.

“Jake just told her it wasn’t working out…Taylor is really upset and hurt. She doesn’t know what she did for him to put a stop to it. She feels really burned by him.” another insider explained.

“Jake started this whole thing, but then he just stopped responding to her,” another source said.

Well now, another source has spoken to about how Taylor will bounce back.

“Sure, Taylor was super bummed when Jake quit talking to her,” the source said. “It was really sudden and weird. Plus, Taylor’s used to getting her way. When she wants something to happen, it does. That’s why getting broken up with is the worst thing in the world for her.”

“Taylor isn’t one to sit there and just feel sorry for herself. She’s not crying in a corner over Jake. She’s already talking to her old crushes and stuff. Taylor always has a guy or two in mind.”