Glee’s Lea Michele lies about horses?!

TV GUIDE Magazine's 2010 Hot List, held at Drai's at the W Hotel in Hollywood, California on November 8th, 2010. Lea Michele Fame Pictures, Inc

Lea Michele has lead a PETA campaign against the unfair treatment of carriage horses in NYC, but has upset a few people along the way.

The Horse and Carriage Association of NYC says that the 24-year-old Glee actress doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about.

“Come see us,” a representative for the association told “She doesn’t even know. Her recent video that she put up is just filled with lies!”

The rep explains that horses are limited to nine hours of work per day. There are two shifts each day and a horse is only allowed to work for one of those shifts.

Despite Lea’s claims, the rep says horses aren’t tied to their troughs in their stalls when they’re off-duty.

“The fact is that there’s no tie-end stalls, there’s box stalls,” the rep clarified.