Justin Bieber describes girl like Selena Gomez & disses Uggs?

When asked to describe his ideal girl, Justin Bieber described a girl who sounds kind of like rumoured girlfriend Selena Gomez.

So what would Bieber’s ideal girl be like?

“A funny, brunette girl who can have civil conversations,” Justin told Us magazine – Selena ticks all those boxes.

However, there is one thing that puts Bieber off women – Ugg boots!

“But no Uggs. They’re ugly!” he added.

While Justin does try to date, he finds it hard with his mum always around.

“it’s hard with my mom always around. She’s strict and still treats me like I’m 15,” he admitted. “Like, if I’m still not sleeping by 1 a.m., she’ll take my computer away so I can’t be on it all night.”