Leighton Meester isn’t like Blair Waldorf

Leighton Meester doesn’t think she is anything like her Gossip Girl character.

Leighton has played Blair Waldorf in the hit show since 2007, but doesn’t think she has much in common with the “manipulative and conniving” socialite.

“I work on a show where I feel literally, maybe one per cent in common with the character,” she said.

“You have to somehow find common ground; otherwise you hate them. The character I play on Gossip Girl is incredibly manipulative and conniving and, you know, this heightened personality in this weird universe that doesn’t even really exist.”

Leighton recently revealed that she opts for comfy fashion “90 percent” of the time.

“I like to be comfortable 90-percent of the time–and when it’s time to dress up, go all-out,” she said.

She also spoke about what inspires her.

“My inspiration is life! It comes from my family, my friends, traveling. Books, music…Love inspires me, and relationships, sex. You know? Food, fashion!”