Robert Pattinson drops his pants?

We’ve read details about Robert Pattinson’s upcoming film role, and we like. have read the script of Cosmopolis – a film rumoured to be starring Twilight hottie Robert, and it’s packed with sex, suspense, and financial turmoil for Rob’s Eric Packer character.

“PLOT: R-Patz plays a 28-year-old multi-billionaire finance guru who drives around Manhattan in a high-tech, pimped out limo in order to get a haircut, with many interruptions along the way. The entire movie is set within a 24 hour period and most of it takes place in his limosine. Eric Packer loses a lot of money for his clients by telling them to bet against the yen, and he is then stalked by two men who are out to get him. Eric curses, cheats on his wife, and seems to have an obsesssion with sex.”

Highlights from the scrip include his character shooting someone, cheating on his wife, drops his trousers, swears, fights, oh and something about a taser and vodka on his man parts.