Scouting For Girls go all Big Brother

Scouting For Girls will be taking inspiration from Big Brother in the build-up to their tour.

The band will be letting fans spy on them during rehearsals.

Singer Roy Stride told the Daily Star: “For six months while we rehearse we will hold listening parties and impromptu gigs so the whole album-making process involves other people – a bit Big Brother-like.”

“There will be a webcam so we can invite fans to have a listen.”

“We wrote the songs for our current album Everybody Wants To Be On TV and made demos very quickly before we got a chance to do them live, so we wanna make sure all the songs work first this time.”

“At the moment I feel like we’re in a really great creative space and everything sounds good, so we’re really happy.”

“We want to bring the same fun, party atmos­phere to the show which we usually get at our gigs.” he continued.

“Before we go on we always put on big dancy music, so we can make it like a club.”

“Tracks like Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer are good so we can hear how loud the crowd are singing before we go on.”

“Hopefully we can do something we’ve never done before. It’s going to be the best show we could ever possibly put on.”