The Vampire Diaries promo: “Catch VD”

If you saw a billboard saying “Catch VD” would it make you want to watch a show?

The people behind The Vampire Diaries seem to think so, but seeing the poster only made us think of one thing.

EW reports a future version will include the phrase plastered over a sexy shot of Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder – we don’t often think of sexy Ian Somerhalder and VD as going together.

If you take a trip to Times Square you can see a huge “Catch VD” poster in between ads for The Disney Store and Mamma Mia.

The CW’s response to the ads is (via Zap2it): “VD simply stands for ‘Vampire Diaries,’ and anyone who thinks otherwise should probably get themselves checked out.”

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