Vanessa Hudgens upset Zac Efron didn’t propose?

A report has claimed that Vanessa Hudgens got upset because Zac Efron didn’t attend her birthday party.

It was recently reported that Zac and Vanessa had split, and that Zac wouldn’t be putting in an appearance on her birthday.

According to the National Enquirer, Vanessa 22 partied with her friends, including Brittany Snow and Ashley Tisdale, and things went well for much of the night. But she was eventually overcome with emotion when she came to terms with Zac not being there.

Vanessa reportedly broke down because Zac, who is still a good friend, wasn’t there, and apparently said that she felt “like such a fool” for expecting him to propose on a recent trip to Hawaii.

Vanessa reportedly calmed down, and carried on enjoying her party.