Adam Lambert Grammy predictions update

Here’s an update on our poll statistics ahead of the Grammys.

We recently ran a poll to find out if you wanted Adam to win the award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. (at time of publishing) Nearly 70% of you think Adam will win, just under 30% thinking that even though Adam deserves to win, he’ll be beaten to it by one of the other artists.

Other nominees for the award include Michael Bublé, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and John Mayer.

We ran a separate poll to see which nominee you guys thought would win, rather than the artist you actually wanted to win.

Again, Adam Lambert came out on top with an impressive 90% of the vote! Michael Jackson was second favourite with nearly 4%, then Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé and finally John Mayer is last place.

The awards will take place on Sunday (13th). Click here to find out who will be presenting and who will be performing.

Click here to listen to all the nominees and vote for who you think will win.

UPDATE: Yey! Adam Lambert Glam Nation DVD details