Did Justin Bieber bombard Selena Gomez with flowers?

A report has claimed that Justin Bieber sent Selena Gomez a shit-load of flowers.

The 16-year-old singer, who is rumoured to be dating Selena, apparently phoned a store last Wednesday and asked staff if they could “fill” his her house with bouquets.

TMZ are reporting that the shop used every flower in stock and had to use “multiple trucks” to deliver the romantic gift to Selena’s house.

A source close to the (rumoured) couple say Selena was “thrilled” with the extravagant display of affection.

In other Bieber news, Justin recently opened up about love.

“When people say, ‘Oh but he’s 16 what does he know about love.’ Have you ever had a dog? Did you love him? Every kid loves their parents,” Bieber said. “Then when you get to like 11 or 12 you start seeing girls. And you’re like oh, ‘I want to see this person because she’s cute.’ You don’t know the real meaning of love but you think you do.”

“By the time your 15 or 16 you have a little bit more knowledge, because you’ve had, like, one or two girlfriends.”

“But I think love is a learning process throughout your life, you learn how to be better at it. I’m still learning, I’m not saying I know everything about love, I’m still trying to figure out girls, I don’t think you ever fully figure out girls.”