Do Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas need to get a room?

A report has claimed that Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas got a bit overly affectionate in public.

The couple, who are often spotted on dates, are not afraid to show their feelings for each other in public. They were recently spotted holding hands, although a new report claims they’ve been kicking things up a notch.

Sources who work at Urth Caffe in LA told that Joe, 21, and Ashley, 24, are “super lovey-dovey”, to the point where they should “get a room”!

Apparently, although they were offered private areas to dine during the three nights in a row they went to Urth, the down-to-earth couple denied VIP treatment.

Ashley recently opened up about meeting Joe.

“We met through mutual friends in London, which is crazy because we both live in LA,” she said.

“We’ve already met each other’s parents, which I think is a good result of the kind of lifestyle we live.”

“He’s sweet and really funny, which is huge for me.”