Jason Segel dishes details on the Muppets movie

Funny man Jason Segel has shared some details on the upcoming Muppets movie.

“It’s going fantastic,” the actor said during a recent interview. “We’ve got a month left, and I just couldn’t be prouder, and I feel like I’ve tricked everybody. We’ve got several people who worked with Meryl Streep on this movie. More than one Oscar winner. It’s really insane, and so to watch people I admire sing and dance and play with puppets, it really, truly, is a dream come true.”

When asked about celebrity cameos Jason didn’t give much away though.

“I’m sworn to secrecy, but Jack Black is in it, Emily Blunt is in it, and a whole list. I can’t believe these people agreed to do the movie, but it’s really amazing to me to see what they’re doing,” he said.

“We all called our friends, and there was a whole thing where, when people have kids, they wanted to be part of a movie that their kids would grow up on and watch, so it wasn’t that hard to get people.”