Kristen Stewart to play Lois Lane in new Superman?

Kristen Stewart is reportedly in talks to play Lois Lane in the new Superman film.

The Twilight actress is apparently one a number of stars wanted to play to take on the roll of Lois in the forthcoming Zack Snyder movie Superman: Man of Steel.

Apparently Kristen is wanted after Anne Hathaway, who was thought to be first choice, turned the role down to play Catwoman in new Batman flick The Dark Knight Rises.

ShowbizSpy reports that Dianna Agron, Rachel McAdams and Jessica Biel have also read for the part.

Kristen is reportedly also up for a rather controversial role. reports that Kristen Stewart may be playing a transgender in movie K-11 – co-written by her mum!

This movie has apparently been on the table since 2008, however funding and casting have caused delays. The site reports that filming is supposed to start on 6th June, which could interfere with Snow White and The Huntsman if schedules aren’t altered.

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